DeAnna Uviedo & Christine Kolff

DeAnna Uviedo

For over 20 years, DeAnna has been the go to party planner among her family and friends. This passion of hers ranges from organizing and planning small intimate gatherings with friends to large elaborate weddings and any event in between. DeAnna's natural talent for event planning has been more of a hobby that she would do in her spare time in between being a dedicated wife, mother, friend, and full time corporate banker. After many years of contemplating opening a business, she finally decided to take a leap of faith with a trusted friend and together they have created LU. DeAnna is ready to take on her new official role as event planner and coordinator.   Her organizational skills and drive to make each and every event perfection is what will make her clients satisfied with their decision to become a LU client

“Each and every event, regardless of size, is important.  I want to create a seamless and stress free experience for each of my clients.   Enjoying their event and making beautiful memories is what matters the most. Worrying about the details and how to make it happen is my job and I gladly take on the challenge!”

Christine Kolff

Christine has a passion for perfection.   She enjoys working on the small details for each and every event and doesn’t let anything slip through the cracks.   Christine enjoys taking a client’s vision above and beyond their expectations and looks for that “wow” factor that’ll make their special day something they’ll always remember.    She doesn’t miss a detail and is very focused on providing the best service possible for her LU clients.  Her 10 years in the service industry has really given Christine a great insight about what goes into making a truly special event and how to ensure that the customer's vision comes to life." Recently being a bride herself, the desire to help others plan their special day really became a focus for her future. 

"Planning an event is an intimate experience that I believe should be greatly respected. The client is entrusting you to help them with making life long memories. This is a task that I take on with honor. Attention to detail is one of the most important aspects of event design and I truly love every part of it.”